What It Means To Know Your Target Audience

Do you know your audience?

Social media as its name implies a social network that connect people with the scope of enabling an online communication through various methods. As social media has evolved o has its functions and now brands have also found ways of interacting with their customers. As a digital agency in London it is very important when working with clients for their online strategy to understand the target audience.

What is a target audience?

A target audience is the demographic of people most likely to be interested in your product or service. It is formed as mentioned by the demographic criteria that refers to age, gender, location, income, relationship status. Another component to keep in mind when creating a target audience is the psychographic,  that refers to the values a certain group has or what they like doing in their spare time. Putting the two together you can than further create as what is known as a persona. A persona is an example of your target audience based on the research done. An example of a persona for a houseware brand would be: Amy, 35, married, two children, works form home, annual income 50,000 pounds, lives in a quiet neighbourhood. She enjoys cooking, and invests in cooking utensils and she reads lifestyle magazines. “Amy” is used as an example for what kind of target audience your brand should target through online content.

Why target audience is important?

Having a clearly  defined target audience gives you a great head start because you no longer create content that is general and at times not very effective. A brands goal for using online marketing usually is to raise brand awareness and to redirect people to  buy from them. Having a clear target audience helps with this especially when creating online ads. For example building on the persona example given, for a houseware brand that has “Amy” as a target audience , they would only target that demographic to get effective results, because that target audience is most likely to buy form them.

The same applies when creating social media content, you create visuals that you know your target audience would like and when they see it they would immediately take action. Your visual content should be a combination what the brand represents and what your target audience is interested. For example, a houseware brand for social media should promote their products but combining it with useful house tips to keep the customer engaged.

Overall, building a target audience for your brand helps you to become more clearer as a brand and who you want to buy your products as we’ll as helping digital agencies to create an effective strategy that incorporated digital marketing and social media.

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