Digital Marketing and Data Considering The Facebook Breach

A month after the Facebook scandal broke out concerning the breach of data, we analyze the effects this has had on digital marketing, presenting the negative side as well as how businesses can improve how they can handle.

So, what is the “Facebook Scandal”?

The situation started back in 2004 when Cambridge Analytica broke privacy regulations by pulling data from 80 million users, from Facebook to target US voters for the elections in 2016. The issues and concerns that have come out from this are raising issues about how business control the data that they have from the users and how to make sure that people still control their privacy even on the online medium. In an age where everybody is using data for improving business, the privacy of data is a responsibility each business should take on. The Facebook scandal shows how a multimillion business was unable to stop a breach in their system. Cambridge Analytica violated the privacy of people and took data from people that then was sold for the Donald Trump presidential campaign leading many people to question their internet security and losing trust in how business use their online information.

How does this affect Digital Marketing?

As mentioned the Facebook scandal has raised issues that now affect everyone. Digital marketing is a field that bases its activity on the online medium exclusively and is used by most business today, so in the light of the recent event what can we learn and how can we improve the relationship with consumers. Due to the scandal users have now lost trust in the online medium, which directly impacts businesses that operate online.

What we can learn form this is that transparency and trust are two key features that need to be ensured in the online medium. Presenting to the consumer from the start of his user journey on your website, how his data is being used as well as offering the option for the customer not to share his data on the website. In addition, a clear terms and services should be visible on the website which needs to contain a clear explication about the privacy and use of data.

Furthermore, another key point in to making sure that digital marketing does not end up in a similar situation as the one described previously, is to focus on making sure that they are protected from hackers and breaches. This is a priority right now and every business that uses digital marketing should make sure of this because the use of data is the key of obtaining success in the online medium.

Overall, the Facebook scandal has put data regulation and privacy at the top of the list for many different fields as well as making people more aware of their data sharing. As a digital marketer this event has brought in discussion how to improve as well as being more aware of the risks that lay in the online medium.

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