How we are getting wiser!

As a digital agency in London it sometimes can be hard, being in such a competitive market but having values for your brand is very important. Why? Because values are what keeps a team together and what motivates to push the limit as a team. In this blog post we are going to share with you our values that we guide our digital agency on.

One of our agency’s motto and values is based on an ancient proverb, most of you might know it through emojis that have become quite popular. “See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil” , sounds familiar? The proverb comes from a painting of three monkeys also known as the three wise monkeys, Mizaru, covering his eyes, sees no evil, Kikazaru, covering his ears, hears no evil, Iwazaru, covering his mouth, speaks no evil. This saying has had different interpretation throughout time, in the western world the proverb is perceived as being connected  to those who deal with impropriety by looking the other way, refusing to acknowledge it, or feigning ignorance. But this meaning has shifted from the origin of the proverb, which is very simple, to obtain inner peace you must no let evil in you in anyway.

So how do we guide ourselves as a London based digital agency? We believe in good and in positive thinking, so we consider that everything we see, hear and speak has to be in line with that. We like to keep our spirits up and we do not allow negative feelings put us down.

As humans we see, hear and speak but it is up to us to make sure that the stories we tell are filled with positive thoughts and show your inner self through them . This what we do when working with our clients as well, we look into the brand we acknowledge our clients needs and then we execute. When executing we also out our own mark which is the positive vibe to every account we handle, we like to keep it fun and engaging.

Overall, the tale of the three wise monkeys, may seem like a very basic concept that has been reinterpreted in many ways but it is an essential concept as to how we should carry ourselves as human being and even at work. We are very grateful for the opportunities we have and we love our work and being able to pass on our values through different mediums.

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