5 Design Tips To Improve Your Brand’s Social Media!

Social media is all about creating content that catches the attention of anybody that is scrolling through their feed. Whether your using your social media channels to produce sales, redirecting traffic to your website or just for engaging with your customer, visuals are essential for achieving your goal. Here are some design tips that we consider help creating a memorable social media feed for your brand.

  1. Colour

Using colour in your social media posts can surprisingly send more emotions of your followers than you expected. Colour has the ability of sparking emotions, representing your brand personality, creating a mood, all these elements put together create a story for your followers just by using the colour. For example, if you use red in your social media post can transmit energy or urgency, depending on what story you want to the through your post. Finding balance between colours is key, so think carefully about what message you want to send to your followers.

  1. Typography

Typography is the art of fonts and using the right combination or even just one font can turn your social media post from good to amazing. There are some key points you need to remember when choosing fonts: make sure its readable, don’t overdo it sometimes its better if you use a simple typeface and make sure you adapt the size of the font to the medium you are using.

  1. Hierarchy

Making sure your message is received properly can easily be done by applying hierarchy to your social media post. Hierarchy helps guide the eye of the customer, for example having the most important part of the text in a bigger font than the others is a way to create a visual guide. It also helps in guiding yourself for reaching the goal of the design.

  1. Consistency

As a brand you probably already have what is known as a brand guideline that includes the colour scheme and font that your brand uses. It is important that you incorporate these elements in a subtle manner, to be consistent with what your brand represents. It is also important to keep a certain style of design through your posts, for example if your brand has a more mini al style you can transpose this in to the media channels as well.

  1. Simple

There is a saying that simple is better this also applies to your social media presence, by playing with colours, fonts, images and shapes you can create content that is impressive but also simple. It is important to keep your designs simples because your goal as a brand is to communicate a clear message to your customers and by overcrowding your design you risk distracting your follower from the call to action embedded in your design.

Overall, we hope that this guide will help you to understand how you can improve your brands social media presence through visuals and how to obtain the maximum out of it for your brands success. Remember keep it simple!

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