Why a LinkedIn Presence is Worth Pursuing

Every post on social media matters, with the importance of quality substantially looming over any prioritisation of quantity. Not only is the quality of posts significant, but the quality of the place it appears in is also crucial to lead generation. With a range of potential avenues at your disposal, it’s important to identify which channels are the most meaningful for your business and abundant of your target audience. However, discovering the perfect blend of digital channels to market yourself on can be a tricky task if the right mix isn’t already apparent to you.

If you are a B2B business owner, LinkedIn is the best platform available to you – better than Instagram, better than Facebook – and your marketing efforts should treat it as such. LinkedIn is driving almost 80% of B2B leads, generating a lead conversion rate three times higher than that of Twitter and Facebook. While its usage is still in if infancy compared to its big tech competitors, LinkedIn boasts 756 million members across 200 countries and regions worldwide. This accounts for its impressive recent growth, with LinkedIn sessions increasing by roughly 25% year-over-year. If you are still not convinced or perhaps aren’t utilising the platform correctly, read on for further reasons why success in LinkedIn is essential to any B2B company.

#1 – The Organic Algorithm

LinkedIn’s algorithm is in a place correspondent of the platform’s professionalism-based edge. Its news feed allows the ranking of primarily native, organic content, ascending from quality and relevance – not recency. This means that there’s no need to post copious amounts, spread throughout the day, to remain at the top of people’s feeds. This modus operandi rewards the quality of content that it is produced for LinkedIn, not linking to separate pages or platforms. Moreover, your content is more likely to reach relevant and richer audiences – especially when well-produced and engaging. The beauty of the LinkedIn algorithm is that as long as your post performs well, it is placed at the top of the feed.

#2 – Contextual Advantage

Marketing on other social media platforms tends to catch attention off the clock when minds are absent from your offering. I mean, who wants to think about your revolutionary SaaS solution when pondering over delicious dinner options? LinkedIn manages to abstain from this fallacy, as you can capture the eyes of prospective consumers with your business, while they’re locked into business mode and browsing business-related posts on Instagram. It’s this ability to find consumers when positive receptions are most conceivable that drives LinkedIn’s exceptional lead conversion rate. Also, when you advertise on LinkedIn, your ad will snugly appear amongst a news feed of industry news, company updates and business-centric discussions – making it feel right at home while increasing your CPC.

#3 – Search Engine Optimisation

As you know, your company is in an ongoing battle for a high appearance on search engines, therefore, every SEO tool counts. An active LinkedIn page is valued by the eyes of Google’s algorithm, meaning a strong presence boosts your visibility. Your LinkedIn page will also trust and credibility to your business, creating favourable search engine positioning. It also provides the liberty of creating backlinks and traffic to your website, as long as you include it within your page and your posts, further propelling your position. You should also focus on including consistent and relevant keywords, that align with your website, throughout your LinkedIn page, to increase your SEO even more. As mentioned earlier, the online placement of your brand matters. The use of the word “placement” was a direct reference to LinkedIn and its flourishing relationship with search engines.

#4 – Quality of Audience

The advantage of a strong LinkedIn presence is that your content will find those who are most likely to devote their attention to it. The LinkedIn algorithm reviews the relevance of your posts by looking at your audience profiles, allowing you to reach similar users to build an audience that is homogenous in its interests and preferences. This means that when you decide to showcase your great pieces of work, you’re doing so to people that will care and take notice of your achievements. An additional benefit of a meaningful audience is your ability to attract the right employees and navigate the difficult hiring process. When your vacancies are attractive to enthusiastic and skilled talent, you’re steering your company towards future growth and prosperity by making successful additions to your team.

If you are still yet to market your business on LinkedIn – you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunities. Alternatively, if you have a LinkedIn business profile already, then ask yourself this question. Am I optimising its presence to the maximum? For expert guidance on how to grow and sustain a meaningful LinkedIn following and enjoy the many fruits of its labour, then don’t hesitate to contact our team at hello@socialgamma.com. We have helped many businesses grow and generate revenue through LinkedIn – you can be the next. 

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