Impactful Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2021

The ever-changing marketing landscape in conjunction with trailblazing digital transformation creates an imperative need to stay on top of marketing trends. After all, the optimal way to market online has been as consistent as Britain’s weather circa summer 2021. Marketing methods have advanced so much so that even old favourites are neglected in favour of what is cutting-edge – a true case of shiny toy syndrome. While this blog entry gives a nod to innovation, it highlights how digitalisation has given ever-faithful strategies new leases of life.

That’s why we present to you, the hottest digital marketing strategies that you can implement in your business today. Adequately executing the carefully selected strategies most suitable for you can protrude your business ahead of the competition. Some are aligned with the latest digital advances, whereas others reiterate marketing fundamentals, but all of them will enhance your digital marketing and produce results. 

#1 – Personalisation

There’s an old rule of thumb in marketing that you may have heard; acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. While the accuracy of this proverbial consumer spending idea is contested, its sentiment is clear. Securing the lifetime value of your current consumer base will be more profitable than attracting new ones. That being said, a great way to perpetuate consumer loyalty is through providing them with personalised service. 

The influence of traditional marketing is dwindling, as channels such as mailing, broadcasting and outdoor emphasise the quantity of presumptive messages over their ability to connect. Consumers have grown tired of feeling like just another number to your business, and the competitive marketing landscape has realised this. Tailored experiences are no longer special, they are expected. With the wealth of information and data available to us, there is no excuse to not be providing the kind of personalisation that accelerates all-important engagement and creates durable relationships. Cutting-edge analytic platforms, CRM software, and post-click landing page providers are among the tools that can help you gather detailed data on your consumers that can be translated into personalised messaging. Or to start, simply ensure you call consumers by their name – online or in person. Although small, you’d be surprised by its efficacy in personalisation.

 The influence of personalisation transcends the money in a consumer’s bank account, after years of loyalty they can become de facto spokespersons for your business. Actively loyal customers are significantly more likely to spread positive word of mouth and promote their favourite products and services. With the high volume of information sharing taking place online and on social media platforms, creating loyal customers is a great way to promote your business digitally at no direct cost. 

#2 – Growing a Community

Expanding on the theme of deepening connections, building a thriving community around your business is a great way to provide consumers with value. Ignorant of the differing levels of spending and advocacy, a community can tightly bring together those interested in you – often inaccessible digital spaces. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Discord are perfect to facilitate online communities and contribute to the death of one-way communication. Livestreams, podcasts, webinars, and interaction are also methods to attract eyes to one engagement-oozing digital location. When a strong consumer base is established, the effects can compound over time as feelings of authenticity and loyalty bloom.

This strategy is so effective because of the innate human desire for connection. When we enjoy something, we don’t always want to enjoy it alone. We want to share, discuss, and speculate with like-minded people to create meaningful connections. Communities help to reduce the distance between you and your consumer base, making them feel a greater sense of involvement with their interest. This highlights that there is so much more to driving growth than clicks and conversions. 

#3 – Tapping into Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing is booming although arguably oversaturated and overpriced. However, there are many diamonds to be found in the rough that will help you communicate your produce more persuasively. These diamonds are known as micro-influencers – who can be defined as an individual possessing between 10,000 and 50,000 followers on social media. Whereas ‘regular’ influencers offer a larger reach, their micro counterparts offer maximum engagement. A 2019 study showed that online engagement increases with the fewer followers a person has, with larger influencers having weak engagement. 

Micro-influencers can capture niche audiences from which they amass considerable trust. These smaller audiences are more likely to feel a stronger attachment to an individual and are therefore inclined to make purchases based on their endorsements. It must be noted that the smaller an audience is the more vital it is to find the right audience for your product. Selecting the appropriate micro-influencer is a high-risk high-reward situation, with prosperity arriving at the end of a calculated decision. Thus, it’s safe to say that when finding a public figure to promote your product, less may be more. 

#4 – Local Search Engine Optimisation

If your business has a physical location, there’s a good chance that you aren’t fully optimising such an asset. One technique to get your money’s worth is employing local SEO. Google has figured out that people often seek businesses within their immediate area. Consequently, Google’s search algorithm takes your location into account when a search has local intent. This even extends to when a place name is absent from a search, opting for a simple “near me” instead. Local SEO was formerly limited to desktop searches, but since the explosion of mobile searching, local SEO is crucial to your increasing website traffic, conversions and general visibility.

Creating a verified Google My Business account that is comprehensive with information and images should be your first step. Regular reviews from happy customers also encourage more local customers to find and buy from you, particularly when you respond to reviews and address complaints. Content surrounding local news and events can further increase your position in the algorithm along with content of local causes you support and location-specific web pages. Reaching out to local websites, blogs and influencers is also a way to create backlinks for your website. The key to immense local SEO is fleshing out your website to increase its authenticity while making it heavily associated with local keywords, figures and content.

# 5 – Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality is an emerging trend in digital marketing strategies that looks poised for an exciting future. It allows businesses to give their consumers unique experiences, accessible at their fingertips, commonly through smartphones. AR offers to revolutionise marketing by combining real and virtual elements and has eased our pandemic-induced disassociation with physical shopping. Many players in the retail industry have turned to AR to display products and host virtual try-ons. Real estate buyers can now make virtual 360-degree visits to homes without having to waste time travelling long distances.

AR is predominantly transforming the D2C space but it offers potential for B2B businesses to significantly improve their digital marketing. The essence of the strategy’s efficacy lies in how it allows prospective consumers to see and interact with products – just as detailed as in-person. It’s only a matter of time before AR takes over the mainstream and if your business has the budget, now is the time to be a visionary. 

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