How to be a champion like the Super Bowl ads

The Super Bowl is the advertising industry’s biggest stage.

Each year millions of people around the world sit down in front of their TVs to watch the Super Bowl. It is the one time where people might be tuning in specifically to watch the most anticipated ads of the year. Companies spend millions of dollars to buy an ad slot on the Super Bowl, and spend even more on filming, talent and editing – it is necessary to make sure your ad stands out, otherwise it will be lost in the sea of others.

Here, we will highlight the most important features that Super Bowl Ads’ giants make sure to hit when producing a viral ad.

Is the ad memorable?

When producing any type of advert, you want consumers to remember both your ad and company after they have watched the ad. Even better, you want them to talk about it with their friends and share it on social media. Maybe the commercial touches on a taboo subject, or a global issue, or maybe it is just very surreal and odd. Ultimately, if people are talking about it, that is great global publicity. 

Does the ad provoke an emotion?

Emotion is one of the most efficient persuasion techniques in advertising. Providing an emotional message in publicity increases the audience’s attention to the ad, and also connects the product to a feeling, which ultimately generates a higher level of brand recall. Be consistent with the brand’s positioning, if it is an inspirational and moving ad that relates to your brand, or a positive and upbeat one, it will equally evoke an emotional response that drives connection and awareness.

Think about data research

Using data and insights to drive your adverts is essential to producing a successful and viral campaign, otherwise it is simply a guess. If media planning is taken into consideration from the beginning, campaigns can achieve great results, even without the hype of the Super Bowl. Any marketing investment, even if it isn’t millions of dollars, that isn’t informed by data could be an unnecessary use of your company’s money.

Create a campaign vs One advert

To ensure your advert achieves its greatest potential in regards to engagement, it should be connected with multiple social channels. By making them part of a broader digital strategy, you optimise in how much information your audience is exposed to and how much they can interact with your brand. Ensure the message and design of all the materials are aligned and published on multiple channels at the same time to maximise exposure and opportunities for brand recognition. Ultimately, don’t run a single-channel digital marketing campaign and find ways to integrate various channels together.

Below we highlight some of the most successful adverts from the Super Bowl 2022, and why they have been successful.


 A truly unforgettable ad in terms of how innovative and unique it was. Coinbase decided to produce an ad simply showing a bouncing QR code on the screen, with only at the end creating a connection to the brand itself. The ad was extremely successful in how much attention it grabbed against ads with high production costs & great creative. The ad received around 300,000 interactions and generated the most tweets and engagements, according to Sprout Social.

Amazon : Mind Reader

Amazon Alexa used celebrity endorsement, with actress Scarlett Johansson and her husband Colin Jost to be a part of the commercial. The ad is humorous and simple, which are two great qualities. The commercial subtly but effectively shows features of the Alexa products, such as turning on the lights, setting reminders, playing music, and making announcements. It was the second most Tweeted about ad around the Super Bowl and generated strong engagement.

Commercials are normally something that people are forced to watch and want to skip over, but Super Bowl ads are that one time of the year people look forward to actually watching ads. People are always excited to see what brands create and what celebrities will be featured each time.

However, in this post we have shown what you need to do to be successful using the techniques Super Bowl ads use. This shows how you don’t need the highest budget to achieve something great, you only need the right people and strategy behind it.

Click here to watch more successful ads from Super Bowl 2022:

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