4 Instagram Food Blogs That Look As Good As They Taste

A recipe for success!

The Instagram game is ever changing, with every niche being catered to. Hashtagging your posts with #foodporn and #foodgasm will no longer get you the engagement you’ve been craving, but what will? With a menu of creative options available in our connected world, you’re not short of options. Have you recently looked at a really good Instagram post and felt your stomach rumble? Well prepare to get hungry as we take you on a taste journey across our top 4 favourite Instagram Food Blogs…


You certainly wouldn’t want to waste these on your cat! A masterclass in sugar-coating, @catfoodcakes showcases an amazing range of tasty treats with impeccable taste. From show-stopping tiers for weddings, to the small but mighty cupcakes, each one is like a colour and candy explosion! Always an eye for current events, Cat regularly produces cakes with popular themes and events, and has even immortalised beloved celebs and cartoon characters in her confectionary!


From minimalist morsels to a curated spread, @foodstorymedialtd shows a range of stunningly designed food close-ups interspersed with the personal feel of chef candids. You’ll see a different side to world-class food through their older, moodier sets of imagery, including close-ups of different parts of the cooking and dining process. The food might be great to start with, but it is the framing and delivery here that really tells the story. A trip across this Instagram feed feels like a luxurious multi-course dining experience.


Ever wondered how to turn a doughnut into a piece of art? Doughnut Time are showing everyone how its done. It’s clear from the names of their doughnuts that they have a sense of humour (Bueno Mars anyone?) and their Instagram feed is no exception. Tapping into national days and pop culture like Love Island, they have cultivated a serious following of doughnut fanatics, and we are there in the crowds cheering them on!


This food looks good enough to eat… you. It’s the simple photography and layout of this food art that helps the quirky ideas stand out so beautifully. @foodbites know how to take a humble piece of food and elevate into something a kid would want to take home and cuddle. The attention to detail, use of vibrant bites and cartoonish ideas makes this feed stand out amongst the crowd. They’re also great at engaging with their following, regularly asking them which design they like best!

So, there you have it, a wonderful four-course meal of our favourite food feeds. Is your mouth watering yet? If you’ve seen a seriously good-looking food-based Instagram blog, then let us know in the comments!

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