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NOFT is a simple but intuitive notification manager app, providing a single central hub for all online notifications. NOFT helps users understand the amount of time they spend on each social media app and seeks to improve their lifestyle by prioritising notifications in order to reduce the on-screen time.

What we achieved

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What We Did


NOFT was looking to raise awareness about their brand and the impact it can have on its users’ lifestyles using the Android app, which Social Gamma developed. Other objectives for NOFT included promoting the premium version of the app, as well as getting new monthly app users

Management and Outcome

After developing the NOFT app, Social Gamma proceeded to market the app in the online environment and manage NOFT’s social media channels as part of the organic growth marketing strategy. With three active channels – Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook – NOFT was able to reach users from different age groups and backgrounds. The strategy for Facebook had video content at its core and this platform became the fastest-growing channel for NOFT.

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