What tools can be used to optimise websites?

Optimising your website is essential when there is so much online competition chasing a finite amount of user attention. That’s why optimising your website to make it the most competitive it can be is critical, to enhance your positioning in search engine results. An easy way to improve positioning is by being aware of search […]

5 Reasons Why You Need To Improve Your Website Today

Gone are the days when you could ignore your digital presence or simply turn a blind eye to your website’s loading speed or user journey. It’s now the era of cutting-edge technology, lightning speed, sharp design and compelling content when it comes to your brand in the digital space. Whether it’s your main social media […]

Is Simple Better Or Not?

The minimalistic trend has influenced the design and art industry and has become a style which many brands have adopted from their branding to webpages. It can even be seen how its even used in social media and marketing. The history of Minimal Minimal peered as a reaction to the abstract expressionism movement, that concentrated […]

Tips For Taking Great Pictures For Your Feeds

As mentioned in our previous blogs, visuals are key to obtaining success on social media. We talked about designing posts but photography is very important when it comes to content. These are our tips, based on what we have learned as an agency. 1. The most important and first step to make sure you have […]

4 Tips For a Successful Rebranding

As a digital agency in London we often have clients that come to us for a fresh start for the business. We try to offer them the best rebranding and make sure that they are successful.  If you are reading this blog you are probably thinking of rebranding your business, you might have taken this […]