The Great Green Shift: How Eco-conscious Marketing is Winning Hearts

How eco-marketing is winning over consumers

Eco-conscious marketing” has been making waves across our spectrum in recent years. Acting as a catalyst for change, businesses are embracing the need for more than just attention-grabbing campaigns and profit-orientated strategies. Global searches on Google connected to sustainable products or services saw a rise of approximately 130% from 2017 to 2022. Under this new shift, […]

Building Brand Loyalty through Social Listening

Leveraging social listening for enhanced brand loyalty

Making use of social listening to understand your customers has never been so crucial. These days, more often than not, businesses will have some form of social listening approach incorporated into their digital strategy. It’s essentially now standard practice. Social listening goes beyond merely observing your mentions or likes. It involves analysing the conversations and […]

3 key factors that can help you build your brand in 2023

Illustration of a pencil and a target board to highlight building a targeted brand

Brands are just as important as ever in 2023, with storytelling being crucial to helping audiences understand a businesses outlook and vision. The power of having a brand is that it allows a community to be built around it and content built for the community. Brand selling and storytelling Having a story for a brand […]

What is a Brand’s Voice and How Can You Find Yours?

An accepted barometer of a strong brand is “what would it look like if it were a person?”. While this is a fun activity to think about, there is a current of truth running through the novelty of picturing Burger King sitting across from you. Anyway, how would you imagine Burger King, Coca-Cola or Nike? These are three […]