What is a Brand’s Voice and How Can You Find Yours?

An accepted barometer of a strong brand is “what would it look like if it were a person?”. While this is a fun activity to think about, there is a current of truth running through the novelty of picturing Burger King sitting across from you. Anyway, how would you imagine Burger King, Coca-Cola or Nike? These are three […]

Why a LinkedIn Presence is Worth Pursuing

Every post on social media matters, with the importance of quality substantially looming over any prioritisation of quantity. Not only is the quality of posts significant, but the quality of the place it appears in is also crucial to lead generation. With a range of potential avenues at your disposal, it’s important to identify which […]

Impactful Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2021

The ever-changing marketing landscape in conjunction with trailblazing digital transformation creates an imperative need to stay on top of marketing trends. After all, the optimal way to market online has been as consistent as Britain’s weather circa summer 2021. Marketing methods have advanced so much so that even old favourites are neglected in favour of […]

The Four Essential Tools to Navigate Apple’s iOS14 Privacy Update

We’ve all been there at some point. You’re trawling the internet in search of new shoes, eventually finding a pair worthy of your interest. However, the newly-conditioned human nature of juggling multiple digital platforms drags you back to your social media feed. Before you’ve even been able to conclude your purchase, the shoes reappear on […]

Instagram Advertising: Activating Campaigns That Convert

As one of the social media giants today, Instagram offers its users the opportunity to run advertising campaigns through its platform to reach their target audience and meet their business objectives. Online advertising, and especially running campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, has become the norm nowadays for any business that is […]

5 Digital Marketing Statistics That Matter In 2021

Every year comes with new challenges, especially in the digital marketing world when things are always changing. Marketers across the globe are finding new ways to engage with their target audience by taking advantage of new technologies and platform features that will push them to the top of search engines and hopefully, right in front […]

5 Signs You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy ASAP

Whether you are a big Elon Musk fan and believe you don’t really need advertising to build a brand or you are just not sure if it will work for you, there are certain aspects about your business that might point to the fact that you need a digital marketing strategy in place.  This is […]