The rise of social media: Why is it important to build your brand?

If you don’t have a smartphone in 2017 you’ll be getting some very strange looks. So it’s hardly surprising to see recruiters seeking out talent through social media rather than the standard channels. This is why it’s more important than ever to develop your professional brand on these channels. It amazes me looking through Facebook, […]

The bad and the ugly of Influencer marketing and your road to success

In recent years there has been a lot of talk on the influencer marketing. Some brands had success and great ROI, others didn’t. Those that didn’t dismiss influencer marketing as something that doesn’t work have experienced tremendous success. There is proof that influencer marketing not only works, but may deliver high ROI if implemented successfully. […]

Should Your Business Be On Instagram?

Many businesses are now realizing the value of a strong Instagram feed, but aren’t sure if they are doing it right. There are always pros and cons to choosing certain social media channels for specific industries. Instagram, one of the most booming platforms, is growing rapidly with 15 million users as of last July and […]

How To Use Facebook for Business – The Recipe to FB Success

If you are small or medium business owner, you may remember good old days when you would simply create a Facebook page, post about your business and get a surge of interest. These days it is important to understand that anything you post on social media is considered to be an advert and advertisements cost […]

To Pay Or Not To Pay?

In the past years, marketing and advertising your brand has become so diverse and has evolved from traditional techniques to digitally focused strategies that increase your opportunities for reaching your target audience to sell your product. One of the most talked about terms in digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), […]

5 Design Tips To Improve Your Brand’s Social Media!

Social media is all about creating content that catches the attention of anybody that is scrolling through their feed. Whether your using your social media channels to produce sales, redirecting traffic to your website or just for engaging with your customer, visuals are essential for achieving your goal. Here are some design tips that we […]

Digital Marketing and Data Considering The Facebook Breach

A month after the Facebook scandal broke out concerning the breach of data, we analyze the effects this has had on digital marketing, presenting the negative side as well as how businesses can improve how they can handle. So, what is the “Facebook Scandal”? The situation started back in 2004 when Cambridge Analytica broke privacy […]

Is Simple Better Or Not?

The minimalistic trend has influenced the design and art industry and has become a style which many brands have adopted from their branding to webpages. It can even be seen how its even used in social media and marketing. The history of Minimal Minimal peered as a reaction to the abstract expressionism movement, that concentrated […]

Tips For Taking Great Pictures For Your Feeds

As mentioned in our previous blogs, visuals are key to obtaining success on social media. We talked about designing posts but photography is very important when it comes to content. These are our tips, based on what we have learned as an agency. 1. The most important and first step to make sure you have […]

Digital Life in London (Yes, We Love It!)

As you probably know already, we are a digital agency based in Singapore and London, so we have a global outlook. London is such an obvious choice for a digital agency but we’re going to explain why we chose it and why we love it. 1. It’s a major tech hub of the world. Innovation […]