Top Three Tips for Improving Your SEO

In today’s world a website has become a reflection of yourself or your brand, it is essential for your promotion by offering people information about your products as well as selling your products. Due to the rise of the number websites it is important to differentiate and drive as much traffics as possible to your website. But how do you do that without going bankrupt? 

Well, in the past few years a new concept appeared in the web world: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), that refers to growing you websites traffic organically, without paying for ads or clicks. For more information about SEO and SEM you can read our previous blog that defines the concepts better http://socialgamma.com/to-pay-or-not-to-pay/.

So how do you improve your SEO? 

Relevant Content 

The best option for improving your SEO is to have a blog on your website, that relates to the product or field of work that you work in. Writing blogs is essential because they drive traffic to the website, so making sure that your content is good is one of the keys to mastering SEO. The other key to driving traffic through blogs is using keywords. Keywords are actually a couple of words that should be integrated organically in your blog. These keywords help your blog to appear higher in the search engines. 

Regular posting

Posting content regularly on your website increases traffic, so posting a couple of times a week is essential to back up the other SEO efforts and grow your website views. 

Text Formating

It may seem like an easy task and pretty common sense, but when it comes to SEO, formatting texts can take your website higher in the search engines. So keeping a clean text, that has readable sentences, can make a difference. 

When doing text formatting there are a few points that you need to ensure the a good SEO such as: correct grammar, clear subtitles, using the bold, italic and underline functions to give the text a good flow, introducing media files and external links. 

Overall, using these first three tips for improving your SEO, your website traffic is ensured to grow, of course there are many other little tips that can improve your website even more. These three tips are just an introduction for those of you who are looking to grow their website. Remember with SEO even it takes more time and effort it is sure that your traffic will rise and it does not cost.

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