Top Three Pinterest Benefits For Your Brand

In terms of social media, there are plenty of platforms for your company to sign up to. Whether that be: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – the list goes on. However, some companies have not yet realised the vastly growing popularity of Pinterest. The platform can be used not only by consumers, but companies too. Read on for our top three tips on how your company can benefit from Pinterest. 

1. Brand New Creative Segment 

In recent news, Pinterest is adding several new programmes to their advertising platform. They are allowing advertisers to use new platforms such as Popular Pays, QuickFrame, Shutterstock Custom, Social Native, Vidmob, Vidsy and The Online Studio. All of these platforms allow advertisers to add creative flair on to new campaigns, with great variety to tailor company advertisements. Pinterest has stated how advertisers will have complete access to over 10,000 designers, editors, copywriters – and so on. With so much support, your business could definitely benefit. 

2. Utilising a Popular Platform

Alongside Pinterest’s brand new programmes, consumer use of the platform is vastly growing. According to Pinterest’s statistics, 93% of “pinners” use Pinterest to plan future purchases. With an outstanding amount of consumers planning purchases on Pinterest, your company’s advertisements are guaranteed to be spotted and inspire consumer buying. Alongside this, 1 in 2 “pinners” have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin, which Pinterest highly recommend companies to incorporate into their advertisements. This is definitely a great platform your business could benefit from, considering Pinterest’s successful testimonials. 

3. Driving Force for Online Traffic 

Alongside advertisements, Pinterest can also benefit your company by driving tons of traffic. By simply pinning your company’s interests, products, work, etc. consumers are guaranteed to take notice. Generating traffic can increase consumer following, to even contributing with planned purchases. The use of Pinterest is also easy to integrate with your current social media platforms, again creating even more traffic for your company. Easy integration, faster popularity. Simple, right? 

After reading our top three tips on the benefits of Pinterest for your company, we hope you will utilise the importance of this popular platform. Pinterest is easy to integrate within your current online platforms, and will have an excellent variety of advertising programmes to boost popularity for your company. 

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