Social Media Listening: Why you need to start using it

Brand awareness is probably one of the most sought-after objectives when it comes to social media content marketing and it can really elevate your business to new heights. While developing and implementing a content strategy is essential to growing your social media profiles, it is also crucial to evaluate and analyse social media metrics that […]

2020: Top Social Media Trends That Will Help You Grow Your Online Presence

With a turbulent and unexpected start to 2020, industries across the globe have had to face novel challenges that COVID-19 and consequently, the lockdown, have posed to businesses of all sizes. While some industries, such as the hospitality industry, have been dramatically impacted by this crisis, others continued to operate, however, not under normal circumstances. […]

5 Ways Pinterest Can Change Up Your Digital Marketing Game

You may not have heard of Pinterest if you are not an avid fan of arts and crafts. Pinterest is a hub of quirk and interest, an online visual search engine that allows its users to discover, pin (aka collect on a page/profile) and share pictures and videos relating to their interests. They pin these […]