Intuitive Marketing 101

In today’s consumer-facing world, it is imperative to understand how to sell the brand and not the product. It may look like your competitors are selling their products on the fly. It may also seem like they cracked the code in a ‘volumes’ game. At the surface, it may seem that they made the decision to market this product and have created this buzz. However, there has been extensive work at the core and investment into the brand ethos. This then resonates and trickles down to help with fulfilling your business goals, sales targets, KPIs, etc. As you work backwards at a deeper level, it is important to understand the following five tips in marketing intuitively:

Ensure that your core values connect with the core values of your customer

Nowadays, customers have unprecedented access to information meaning more and more, they are considering a brand’s values when deciding whether to buy from them or not. This makes it more important than ever to have strong values that not only connect with the core values of your customer but also are reflected in every function of your business. Engage with your consumers to discover what is important to them and incorporate these values into your brand and the way that you do business. 

Customise your products/service to give it a human touch

A little customisation can go a long way. By showing your customers you’re willing to adapt your products or services to their needs, it demonstrates that you care about what they want. This element of personalisation creates significant value for your customers and inevitably leads to increased satisfaction and brand loyalty too. If customers know they can get exactly what they want by coming to you, then why would they ever need to go to a competitor? 

Know your market so well that you can anticipate future consumer needs

Those brands that are most successful are the ones that provide a solution to their consumers’ problems before they even have a chance to realise it is a problem. They are in touch with their consumers’ lifestyles, the challenges they face and their goals, and as a result, can respond quickly and agilely to any arising changes. Take the time to understand your market and keep up-to-date with your consumers. Put yourself in their shoes so you are ready to seize opportunities the minute they arise. 

Let your brand speak for itself

Your brand can have a personality and voice of its own. In fact, it should do if you want to build trust with your consumers. Defining your brand’s voice is a great way to build a connection and make your brand stand out from the sea of content that your consumers are faced with every day. Your voice gives your business its own personality – whatever you want that to be – and reflects your values. It should be consistent across your website, your social media and all your other communication channels. If customers can relate to your brand’s voice, they’re much more likely to feel a familiarity with your business and to become advocates. 

Have human ambassadors that can vouch for your brand

Consumers prefer to buy from another person than from a faceless brand, so you should always look for ways to humanize your brand. Having human ambassadors can help build trust since consumers will look favourably on positive reviews and recommendations from credible people. Ambassadors can also help to spread awareness, boost your reputation and ultimately grow your brand.

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