How does content marketing empower your business?

Content marketing is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. That’s why understanding its role and what it can do for your business is paramount to connecting with your audience.

Creating content can be easy if you follow three simple rules of best practice.

Use the hub and spoke model to emphasise authority

An easy way to show potential clients you are a business that they should work with, is by showing you understand your subject. This requires making content which addresses problems that your potential clients will have. To do this, you first need to define what is the central story you’re trying to tell, what product you are trying to sell and then what are the problems that emerge around this central theme. This is called a hub within the hub and spoke model.

Once the central theme has been defined based on a business objective, a content plan can be established which maintains a continual relationship with the theme. Each piece of content acts as a spoke connected to the hub, giving this model its name. This means that each piece of content directly relates to a stage in the customer journey, showing them how your business’s solutions help them address their problem. This is effective because it brings potential customers into the orbit of your content, so they can move from one piece to another finding out more information.

Break down barriers between teams

Producing great content means teams working together across specialisms. This is because different areas of expertise can contribute to improving the overall quality of content, making it informed by a diverse range of knowledge. By working collaboratively, content can become more engaging and more accurately address different pain points for potential clients. This means your business more effectively shows that it understands the problems of its audience, which it can provide solutions to.

Creating content that incorporates multiple teams into its production needs effective management. This can be done through a variety of workflow management platforms such as Monday, Notion or ClickUp. Not only do these platforms increase collaboration, they also increase productivity by streamlining production processes and allocating responsibilities and deadlines to the relevant team members. 

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Some content performs better than others, which is why repurposing frameworks that have proven effective is a powerful way to build consistently strong content. This means developing templates which can be repurposed and further optimised over time. Approaching content with the intent for continual improvement also gives you the opportunity to spot gaps in your output. Addressing these gaps can be an effective way of increasing the likelihood of gaining interested potential clients.

By reviewing content regularly, you can also find out which types of content don’t attract the attention needed from key audiences. This indicates that the framework for content needs to be amended or stop being used, so that team members can focus on what has positive performance and use their valuable time more efficiently. 

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