Digital marketing strategies for the festive season

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone, including for marketing teams in-house or in agencies. This year technology has enabled new strategies to be adopted, whilst authenticity has become more valuable than ever before.


Everybody wants to be spoken to as an individual, including customers during the festive season. Personalisation is an ideal strategy for doing this, as it tailors content and messaging to make it unique to individual customers, their interests and their preferences. One way this can be achieved is through the use of personalised emails, which are festive yet still on brand. This is because it creates the opportunity to differentiate your product or service from competitors, connecting with your customers in an authenticly, providing an intuitive way to interact with your brand.

By using personalised email marketing effectively, brands can communicate with different customer segments, with content that is specific and relevant to them. By doing so, brands can increase the likelihood of customers taking advantage of their festive special offers. This can be done by special discounts for loyalty or engagement, or simply thanking existing customers for their ongoing support.

Be aware

In a world where content and information are abundant, customers have become increasingly aware of brands and their activities. This means they are more conscious of their consumer choices, and therefore more discerning about which brands they spend their money with including at Christmas.

As customers have become more selective in their purchasing habits, it has become necessary for brands to make sure they act responsibly. This is to show leadership and a capacity for social and environmental responsibility, virtues which customers appreciate, rewarding them with interest in their products and services. This is especially the case if research is conducted by a brand, to discover if certain charitable activities are of particular interest to their customer segments. By taking this approach, existing customers are reassured that they have put their confidence in the right brand, while at the same time new customers can see these activities for the good they do and be influenced by the social proof derived from existing customers.

Be merry

The great joy of marketing in the festive season, is that you can enjoy creating fun and exciting content for your customers and audiences. This includes typically more corporate and professional brands, who normally keep to a narrow brand identity. Instead, Christmas is the time to embrace creativity and the opportunity to engage your customers while they are in a good mood.

One of the powerful advantages of this time of year is the ability for new customers to discover new brands. This is because they are looking to buy gifts and presents for friends, family and colleagues, and are open to new brands in a way they are not the rest of the year. Because of this, it’s an ideal time for brands to extend their reach and recognition, which can reap dividends over the Christmas holidays, but also create long-term customers for the year ahead.

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