Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Building an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to Drive Results in 2023

In terms of marketing priorities, few things are more important than intimately understanding your ideal customer. Therefore, developing a detailed ideal customer profile (ICP) ensures your messaging, products, and campaigns are tailored to resonate with your target audience.

However, what exactly goes into building a target ICP that fuels success? Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the key steps and considerations for building this in 2023.

Defining an Ideal Customer

First and foremost, what do we mean by an “ideal customer”? Your ideal customer is your absolute perfect fit prospect. They embody the core demographics, behaviors, values, and goals that make them predisposed to love your brand.

Therefore, identifying this ideal target persona is crucial because it allows you to:

  • Create tailored marketing that speaks directly to their needs
  • Focus your advertising to reach similar prospects
  • Develop products or services suited to them
  • Provide optimised support and experiences

In other words, intimately understanding your ideal customers enables you to serve their needs in an exceptional way that fosters both loyalty and growth.

The Process of Building an ICP

So how do you put together the ingredients to create that coveted ideal customer profile? Follow this step-by-step process:

Conduct Market Research

The foundation of an accurate ICP is in-depth market research. Gather both quantitative data and qualitative insights into your existing customer base, for example through:

  • Analytics on current client demographics, behavior, etc.
  • Surveys asking about their needs, values, and problems
  • Interviews diving into their experiences and stories
  • Customer service logs with pain points

Next, look for trends and commonalities across your best, most loyal and profitable customers. Specifically, identify:

  • Demographic traits like age, gender, income level
  • Firmographic traits like industry, role, company size
  • Psychographic traits like personality, values, interests

In addition, develop a fictional, representative profile that encapsulates your ideal customer. Give them a name, photo, background, and detailed attributes.

After that, validate your persona with any sales, marketing and support teams you may have. Also, refine this based on their feedback to create the most authentic ICP possible. It’s important to periodically update this as new data comes in.

Now let’s explore the key elements to capture in your ideal customer profile:

Key Elements of an Ideal Customer Profile

There are several layers that together paint a comprehensive picture of your ideal customer:

Basic Identifying Information

First, start with basic info like name, photo, job title, company, industry, and location. This puts a tangible face to the persona.


Additionally, vital stats like age, gender, marital status, income level, education level, and family size if relevant allows for personal understanding.


Moreover, personal attributes like personality traits, values, interests, hobbies, and desires adds relatability.

Goals & Challenges

Also, their aspirations, pain points, and obstacles related to your products or services shows how you can help.

Behavior & Habits

Furthermore, patterns of behavior in their personal and professional lives helps with alignment and targeting.


Additionally, what reservations might they have? This allows you to preemptively address concerns.

Journey & Timeline

Map their journey with key stages, considerations, and timeframes in their decision process. Identify any opportunities there.

Brand Perception

How do they currently view your brand? Are they aware, nostalgic, or indifferent? This lets you meet them where they are.


Finally, preferred channels, frequency, tone etc, which will help you tailor your outreach for maximum engagement.

Fulfilling these core elements results in a multi-dimensional profile brimming with customer understanding. Now let’s look at tactics for actually applying your ICPs.

Strategically Applying ICPs for Success

Creating detailed ideal customer profiles is just the first step. The real value comes from integrating these personas into your marketing and product strategies.

Here are impactful ways to apply your ICPs:

  • Personify them in messaging with “you” language
  • Make them the face of campaigns through images and videos
  • Target paid ads to their demographics, interests etc.
  • Develop content that speaks to their challenges
  • Design product or service features for their needs
  • Refine pricing based on their willingness to pay
  • Craft dedicated email funnels addressing concerns
  • Train support teams on communication preferences
  • Build advisory groups of real matching prospects

Taking this targeted approach allows you to intimately serve the needs of your ideal customers. Now let’s explore some real ICP examples.

Ideal Customer Profile Examples

Here are two representative ideal customer profiles for different business types:

Customer Profile 1

Home services company perspective

Name: Jenny Green
Job Title: HR Manager

Company: Swift Manufacturing (500 employees)

Age: 37
Location: Birmingham, UK

Income: £100k

  • Jenny is recently married, owns a home, and is extremely busy balancing a demanding HR job with home responsibilities. She has little time for home maintenance and dislikes doing manual tasks.

  • Jenny values convenience, quality, and building personal connections with contractors she can trust to get the job done right. Price is a moderate consideration but experience and reliability are more important.

  • Their goal is keeping their home well-maintained so they can focus time on family and hobbies without the stress and hassle of repairs. Top challenges are finding reputable and skilled contractors who make the process smooth and headache-free.

  • Jenny tends to hire companies based on personal referrals from neighbors and family. Jenny also prefers email and texts over calls for communication and typically hires help within 1-2 weeks of identifying a home issue.

Customer Profile 2

SaaS company perspective

Name: John Smith
Job Title: Digital Marketing Manager

Company: Happy Media Agency (60 employees)

Age: 28
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Income: £60k

  • John is focused on advancing his marketing career. He loves trying new solutions and embraces technology.

  • John values innovation, creativity, and collaboration. He wants tools that make marketing easier, more intuitive, and more integrated. He dislikes outdated legacy solutions with tedious workflows.

  • Their goals are improving campaign performance and demonstrating their team’s value to company stakeholders. John struggles with legacy solutions lacking key features and current integrations.

  • John proactively researches marketing technology online and attends industry conferences to find new solutions. John also prefers product demos and free trials before fully committing.

Therefore, these snapshots convey how ICPs encompass an all-around understanding of your perfect customer from multiple angles.

Developing this degree of intimate customer insight takes time but pays off exponentially.

Are you ready to build your Ideal Customer Profile?

Identifying and leveraging ideal customer profiles is a cornerstone of customer-centric marketing. By following the process of:

  • Conducting market research
  • Analysing commonalities
  • Creating representative personas
  • Validating across teams
  • Strategically applying ICP insights

You gain an intricate understanding of your best-fit customers. This level of tailored marketing and product development creates powerful connections that drive loyalty, retention, and growth.

The brands thriving are those whose approach and services resonate positively with the needs of their ideal audience.

Dedicating time upfront to learn and profile your ideal customer is an investment worth making!

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