5 Digital Marketing Statistics That Matter In 2021

Every year comes with new challenges, especially in the digital marketing world when things are always changing. Marketers across the globe are finding new ways to engage with their target audience by taking advantage of new technologies and platform features that will push them to the top of search engines and hopefully, right in front of the eyes of their audience. 

It can be quite difficult to keep up with everything that is happening on a daily basis when it comes to marketing and not all changes might be relevant to every business. One thing you should be aware of though, is that you need to upgrade, update and optimise your marketing efforts if you want to stay in the game. 

With that being said, I wanted to put together a shortlist of a few statistics that I believe are essential to any digital marketing professional out there. Here are 5 digital marketing statistics that matter in 2021:

The average CPA is $49 for paid search and $75 for display ads 

You may think ‘not for my industry’ or ‘my campaigns’. While this is an average CPA across multiple platforms and industries, what is important to take note of is the fact that the average CPA has been increasing from year to year, adding significant pressure on marketers and business owners to ensure their money is well spent. 

Even though online advertising is a proven, cost-effective way to achieve your business goals digitally, there is definitely more emphasis than ever on campaign optimisation. Researching your industry and competitors, as well as learning how to tweak and make data-based decisions to optimise digital campaigns will ensure you will continue to deliver results at the lowest possible cost.  

40% of marketers claim proving ROI for their campaigns remains their top marketing challenge

Business owners and brands in general look at advertising as an investment, and that is also available for online marketing, be it social media, search engine optimisation or pay-per-click advertising. 

Marketers are expected to invest an amount of money they recommend to a business and provide a report on what the return on investment turns out to be and when it comes to digital marketing, that becomes quite challenging, regardless of the industry. While it’s a bit easier to understand ROI on conversion and lead generation campaigns, showing ROI on a brand awareness campaign can feel like trying to find something in a dark room…with your eyes closed.

Marketers should understand very well the different signs that can point out the fact that their campaigns are working, such as higher organic engagement on their pages, more followers, more enquiries or messages or generally, a wider reach on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. These are useful pointers for a campaign report that can start to paint a picture of the impact your active campaigns are having on your brand. 

Omnichannel campaigns produce a 250% higher rate of purchase frequency than do single-channel campaigns 

The chances are you have heard this quite a bit already. It is ideal to integrate content across multiple platforms and have a strong online presence, allowing your audience to find you in different corners of the internet. 

This is especially true today when users are bouncing more and more between different platforms, disrupting the purchasing process that marketers and brands are used to. Ensuring you activate omnichannel campaigns can lead to a 250% higher rate of purchase frequency than single-channel campaigns, according to recent statistics. 

93% of all online interactions start with a search engine

Is it even real if you haven’t googled it? Gen Z must find it quite bizarre that there were times when people didn’t rely on Google for their purchases and you couldn’t just buy anything you needed on the internet. (Yes, Amazon, I’m looking at you.)

Keep that in mind every time you are developing, tweaking or optimising a digital marketing strategy as these are key ingredients for successful digital campaigns. 

The open rate for welcome emails is 82% on average

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression and as a brand, that is having a direct impact on the sales you are going to make in the future and the customer base you are building. 

The average open rate for welcome emails is 82% and that is a great opportunity to make a great first impression! No digital marketing strategy is complete without email marketing and while some brands would rather go all on with PPC or SEM, email shouldn’t be neglected. It creates a direct and personal connection with your target audience and helps brands nurture that relationship throughout time.

Although we’re seeing other digital marketing trends gaining popularity, these are some of the most important changes we are witnessing in 2021. If you’d like to learn more about how you can start growing your business by leveraging digital channels, get in touch with us at hello@socialgamma.com

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