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3 ways to connect with your audience with content marketing

Content marketing is a powerful way to build sustainable relationships with your target audiences, building trust and confidence. By doing so, you can create opportunities to generate and nurture leads that will come to love your business.

Know your platforms

If you know what platforms your key audiences use, you have already given yourself a good start to building long-lasting relationships. There are many different platforms that can be used for content marketing, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Depending on your target audience, some will be more relevant that others. 

If your company provides business services, LinkedIn is likely to be your best medium to connect with your target audience. This is because it has many business owners on it, but also has the wealthiest users compared to other platforms meaning they have the funds to purchase your services.

If you want to build an online community around your business, Facebook is your platform, as it gives you the ability to create groups with specific memberships. This means you can keep content focused on your business, whilst keeping the recipients of your content in one place where they can interact with each other and your business away from the rest of the platform.

Twitter in contrast is a great platform for distributing information about your business activities and engaging in reactive content. It’s also effective because it allows a business to join debates around certain topics in a public way, as well as provide quick responses to customers, enhancing customer service.

Have a plan

Social media calendars are an effective way to create both consistency and continuity. This is because content can be made in advance of events and posts scheduled ahead of time, so that a business has a consistent output of content giving predictability to content consumers.

The other advantage of a calendar is that they provide events which can be piggybacked onto, using both hashtags and content which keep output looking up to date. By doing this, a business can engender habitual content consumption, but this only works if consistency is maintained.

By taking this approach, businesses can create regular output that leads back to their website or encourages users to engage in a desired action.

Say what you want

Having direct and clear calls-to-action is essential to getting your customers to do what your business needs. These need to be concise and highly visible, so they stand out from the rest of the content and encourage users to engage with a certain action.

The call-to-action is the critical point, as it is the moment when a content consumer can develop into a lead. By having clear and direct messaging, you can drive a user to your website, make a purchase, or even download a file which can nurture the lead even further.

The type of call-to-action depends on the specific context of a campaign and content, but so long as you keep it simple, it should enhance your business by creating the opportunity for new leads.

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