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3 key factors that can help you build your brand in 2023

Brands are just as important as ever in 2023, with storytelling being crucial to helping audiences understand a businesses outlook and vision. The power of having a brand is that it allows a community to be built around it and content built for the community.

Brand selling and storytelling

Having a story for a brand is important because it conveys the values and aims of a business. This has implications for how a business operates, from where it sources its product components and ingredients, to the kind of employer it is. These factors are pivotal for forming an idea of a brand, but also affect the kind of supply chains a business uses which impacts its logistical and pricing decisions. 

This demonstrates that the story a brand tells to sell its products or services is fundamental to consider, as it has ramifications across all areas of operation. When executed effectively in an integrated way, storytelling can be a powerful tool to help market a brand and its products or services, building a brand community around it.

Build a brand community

By using storytelling to build trust, confidence and familiarity, a community can be built around a brand. This has many benefits, such as increased brand community engagement and brand loyalty. A community also creates new opportunities to find new clients helping a business grow, increasing its brand awareness and building stronger and more sustainable relationships with customers.

The other major benefit of creating a community around a brand is that it allows community members to communicate with each other. This is a powerful benefit, because the brand gains positive associations as a result of those relationships, in addition to the relationships it has directly with community members. This can have some risks if communities are not managed effectively, but when managed appropriately, can provide a significant boost to the reputation and exposure of a brand.

Content pillars

Once you have started to build a community, you need to create content for them. This requires understanding what community members will enjoy, and what will also bring more like-minded people into the community. This takes the form of a number of specific content categories, which cover certain subjects. Although these categories may not be too numerous, the way content can be produced for them can be. This can be in the form of videos, articles, images and posts.

The opportunity given by having strict content pillars is that it creates a space for a brand to show it is a thought leader within its industry. It also creates instances where new products or services can be demonstrated, building excitement around them and promoting offers or deals related to them. 

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