Meme Marketing : The Secret to Good Laughter

Meme marketing is using memes to promote your brand in an exciting way. It’s a fun way to connect with your audience and increase your engagement rate, as memes are highly shareable posts.

When done correctly, meme marketing can be very successful for a brand. Memes are of high value due to its entertaining nature – they aren’t overly promotional and will showcase your brand as fun and lighthearted. By making people laugh with your content, you will create engaged followers while also gaining new followers due to exciting content.

It is important to use memes correctly in order for them to not come across as cheesy or that the brand is trying too hard to be funny. You need to also ensure to fully understand a meme before using it, to avoid the risk of using a meme in the wrong context.

To effectively use an existing meme, it is important to keep on top of what is trending. Doing meme marketing means always staying alert to what meme is being used, and what event people are talking about. A recent example of that is the Will Smith X Chris Rock slap meme, that many companies used to promote their products in a humorous way (see below)

Toronto businesses have their own takes on the Will Smith slapping Chris  Rock meme

So, what are the main factors you need to know when producing Meme Marketing?

Be Relevant. Think about who will understand your meme. Know your target audience and produce posts that will interest them. Make it relevant to your brand, always think of ways to align the meme with what your message is. You can do that by incorporating your brand’s slogan, name, mission, or simply your brand colours into it

Be on top of the trends. Timing is a very important factor with meme marketing on social media. You should always be alert on every social media platform to find out what people are talking about and what they are sharing at the moment.

Research. When producing a meme, make sure you know of its origins and how it came about. Always research a meme before posting, the last thing you would want is to post a meme that might be offensive or bring a negative image towards your brand.

Make it funny. It might seem straight forward, but the most important part of a meme is to make it funny and entertaining. What is the point of a meme if it doesn’t make you laugh? By producing entertaining content, you will gain followers and keep your current followers following you to see more.

We have selected some our favourite examples of where Meme Marketing has been successfully used, take a look:


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