Top Three Tips For Successful Videos

Video has taken over the world since the 19th century and has evolved over time constantly. It started with old recording cameras and black white pictures to taking videos on camera and having a high quality. The mediums from which videos are video have also changed constantly, before we could only see long movies in the cinema, now we can see short videos, series and movies from our phone. 

So video has integrated in all areas of our life including social media. As a digital agency based in London we know how important having a successful engagement for your brand is and what better way to do it then through social platforms. 

Video has taken over on social platforms and has become the go-to for marketers. Why? Because as much as you can design beautiful posts, video has the advantage of being interactive. Facebook introduced the video feature first and people loved it , sharing your moments in real time and even the 360 feature. It really has changed how marketers operate on tthe social platforms, content wise, 

So here are are top three tips for creating successful videos, to amaze your followers:

  1. Choose your video format. 

Social media platforms have a  multiple options for your video format such as: gifs, short videos, 360 videos. So how do you choose the right one for you? Well there is no right or wrong you have to keep in mind, what your audience is looking for and how much time they spend on platforms. The best way is to test out all formats and see the most efficient one.

2.   Content

Video content has to be effective, so depending on the format you need to make sure that your video is engaging with you audience through either a call to action or question. Depending on what your brand sells, in this case through videos you can showcase your products in fun and creative way. If you have a personal brand through videos you can promote yourself and crew a personal relationship with your audience. 

3. Quality

Remember this is probably the most important factor, of having a successful video. Nobody wants to see pixels content, and this might turn your audience away so make sure that all your content is at the highest engagement and your success is ensured. 

Overall, mastering video content may seem easy but it does take time to make sure everything is perfect. Hopefully these three top tips on how to create a successful video will be the start of creating video content for your brand. 

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