Tips For Taking Great Pictures For Your Feeds

As mentioned in our previous blogs, visuals are key to obtaining success on social media. We talked about designing posts but photography is very important when it comes to content. These are our tips, based on what we have learned as an agency.

1. The most important and first step to make sure you have the right photos for content, is to make sure you understand what the client wants. At times it can be difficult to understand what your client wants, so to ensure that the end result is satisfying for the client and for you, is to have photo references. Ask your client to send you pictures of what he wants and then make sure that the photos are doable. In the case that you are the one taking the photos check if you have right equipment that you need, if you’re using a photographer than be clear in explaining the concept to him as well.

2. When taking photos remember to think about things like lightning and framing  Lighting is such an important aspect because nobody wants a dark photo where you can’t understand anything so make sure you have a good balance on lighting. The best lighting is natural lighting.

When taking photos framing is key because you do not want to end up with a photo that either need to be cropped too much or is already cropped. So take your time when taking the photo and make sure you have the right position.

3. High resolution photography is a must when it comes to social media, having low-quality photos gives the brand negative points. If your creating content that for example does not focus on the brand product but on the image of the brand, you can use hi-res photos from websites. Make sure that you don’t get in trouble with the copyright of the photos, you can use websites such as Unsplash or Pexels. They have amazing high-resolution photos of anything you can imagine, which is a great asset.

4. Editing is a major part of creating a brand image on social media. For editing photos you can use apps such as VSCO cam if you are not familiar with photoshop. Choosing a filter for the brand is essential it creates a unique image and gives continuity in photos. Try not to edit the photos too much, remember simple is better, in this case, overdoing it might end up messy and the brand will lose followers.

We hope these tips will be helpful and remember we learned these from our experiences so don’t worry if your photography does not turn out prefect at first. Practice makes everything better.

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