The Top Three Benefits of Micro-Influencer Marketing

The use of social media in the current age is vastly gaining popularity, with an estimated 39 million users in the UK. With so many posting online, there is guaranteed user generated content about almost anything – including your brand. 

The public are generating advertisements and content without realising. From consumers posting an image of their lunch, to social influencers posting a Snapchat story of their favourite cereal. These posts are broadly referred to as micro-influencer marketing, which are vastly boosting sales and connecting consumers to brands. 

Here are the top 3 benefits of Micro-Influencer Marketing for your company:

1: Brand Accomplishment:

In a recent study conducted by the Sprout Social Index, 1 in 3 consumers would mention a brand whilst sharing personal accomplishment on social media. For example, a consumer has reached their weight-loss goal from buying a fitness guide, they share this on Instagram. This intrinsically links personal accomplishments with your brand, meaning better reviews and a positive outlook for your company. 

2: Targeting Influencers: 

If you’re looking for a new collaborative venture or headhunting social influencers, micro-influencer marketing will help. By searching for lesser known influencers, this is a cost-effective method which will find influencers happy to help. As they are lesser known, this strategy will retain your budget and is easily accessible. 

3: Choosing the Right Platform: 

Micro-influencer marketing will benefit choosing the right social media platform for your company. If you decide to search for lesser known influencers, thousands can be found on Instagram. The popularity of Instagram has soared in 2018, particularly Instagram stories. The Sprout Social Index identified Instagram Stories accrued more than 250 million daily users. Compared to the 173 million daily active Snapchat users, the comparison is outstanding. Instagram is essential in driving sales and popularity amongst competing brands. Connecting with consumers through Instagram Stories is a fast-growing trend, which would benefit your company. Working with social influencers and benefitting from this platform will boost company sales and the company’s presence on social media. Instagram has also released Instagram TV, running alongside competitors like YouTube. This is an exciting new venture all brands need to get on board with, especially with existing social influencers. 

Hopefully these three benefits will persuade you to consider the importance of micro-influencer marketing for your company. Incorporating this method will help connect your brand with consumers and/or social influencers on a personal level. 

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