The rise of social media: Why is it important to build your brand?

If you don’t have a smartphone in 2017 you’ll be getting some very strange looks. So it’s hardly surprising to see recruiters seeking out talent through social media rather than the standard channels. This is why it’s more important than ever to develop your professional brand on these channels.

It amazes me looking through Facebook, Twitter and sometimes even LinkedIn to see the unprofessional posts some people make which will inevitably be seen by a potential employer.

This is your brand and you must take care of it!

But it’s also useless to have an empty social media feed. If you read an interesting news article share it, attach an insightful comment. This could be seen by an employer who is impressed with your interest in current affairs. But not just news, try and build your knowledge in an area specifically. For example if you have an interest in finance, it makes sense to focus in on this area; posting comments on the Annual Budget, Brexit and Key Political Decisions for example are all incredibly helpful to develop your first impressions to employers.

Also try and keep LinkedIn up-to date with all your experiences and skills, this is likely where your first impression will be made. It needs to be eye catching. If this does the trick the next stop will most likely be mainstream social media and if you can’t stop yourself tweeting about how hungover you felt at work I advise you visit the privacy settings and make sure you stop anyone viewing your profile!

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