The magic number!

As a digital agency based in London, we have seen the power and influence of social platforms. One of the things we have noticed is the Instagram takeover, what do we mean about that? We mean Instagram is literally everywhere and everybody uses it. So as a digital agency it is essential to know how to use Instagram for helping our clients grow.

So what is the magic number?

The magic number is a phrase we use in our agency that a refers to Instagram’s grid. When you usually go on someones  Instagram feed, the first thing you see is their grid that is made up of nine photos. It’s the most recent nine photos and those nine photos need to speak to the user, through visual first and then through copy. When creating content for Instagram, you have to see it as a whole, everything has to go together. It has too keep a certain aesthetic as well as being coherent throughout the copy and visuals.

How to a achieve the perfect 9!

When choosing your Instagram aesthetic for your grid it is important to think before about what your brand represents, its personality and its products. Once you decide on the direction of your brand, it can be either be minimalistic, vibrant or classic, than you can start playing around with content which is the fun part.

There are different layouts that you can use, and can range from keeping it simple, having one colour for the background of the photos, white or black or having the same filter for all the photos. This is the most used option for the Instagram feed and you can achieve a good looking grid using this method.

Another method used is the checkerboard, where you mix up the photos with quotes creating the impression of the checkerboard this can also be done with arranging photos that contain different colours.

You can switch up you Instagram grid by creating a storyline for your grid and expressing it through visual content arranged either in a row or horizontally. This gives continuity and looks very good but focuses more on the story than the visuals.

Overall, creating a Instagram grid is all about knowing your brand and than creating content that represents it, you create a painting of the brand through the grid. The methods above are a few of many and they are all worth trying until you find the right  one for you! And remember it’s a lot of fun creating content, so enjoy.

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