The evolution of advertising on social platforms.

As a digital agency in London we have noticed how marketing has changed over time and have seen that marketing on social platforms has had a great growth in the last years. Brands today prefer advertising on the social media platform, it has been proven that online ads have brought in sales and generated traffic, managing to achieve the brands goals.

Advertising on social platforms really changed the moment when Facebook implemented the option for Facebook businesses, now you are able to create online ads that correspond to your target customers and allow you to grow your business this way. After launching an ad campaign on Facebook, the platforms allows you to visualise the effect of your campaign by providing your business with data about the performance. It is best, for interpreting the data to have a specialist who can analyse it and then implement a retargeting campaign that may have better results than the original campaign.

One of the most recent and sought out online ad system right now is LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn is  the platform that has revolutionised how people communicate in an online business platform designed as social platform. They now have brought in this new feature and everybody wants in. But why? Well, as mentioned it is a more professional orientated platform, offering business a new way to target their. Audiences. Also, there are a lot of people that use LinkedIn either having a profile or for a business aIso there is a high traffic on the platform.

When creating ads on these platforms it is essential to know your target audience in order to have the most effective result. You can read  are previous blog about the importance of knowing your target audience for social media. As well as finding the right combination of visual and copy, to attract viewers to click on your ad, thus redirecting them to you website.

Overall, as a digital agency in London,  it is very interesting to be part of this digital world, we are always learning new thing and are always interested in the newest digital innovations.

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