Should Your Business Be On Instagram?

Many businesses are now realizing the value of a strong Instagram feed, but aren’t sure if they are doing it right. There are always pros and cons to choosing certain social media channels for specific industries. Instagram, one of the most booming platforms, is growing rapidly with 15 million users as of last July and currently 25 million people using it daily. The platform has new trends and features that businesses must keep up with. Without much guidance, it becomes difficult to sustain a strong social feed. The secret to a successful social media presence is choosing the right channels.

So, what is this fascination with Instagram? Well, first of all, the photo-sharing smart-phone application grew so quickly, that it crashed first time it was released in 2010. At the interview for Inc, Kevin Systrom said, “We crossed 10,000 users within hours, and I was like, ‘this is the best day of my life.” They reached their first million of registered users that first year.

Only two years later in 2012 Instagram joins Facebook and advertisers rejoice for the opportunity to populate their ads on the platform.

2013 is considered golden age for Instagram influencers and is known of a war with competitor application, Snapchat. Instagram also creates a web version. Finally, it releases a feature called Stories while copying Snapchat.

According to statistics, Instagram is mostly used on a mobile: it was designed to post images straight from your smart-phone. Above all, Instagram values authenticity and is constantly working towards making sure that only real profiles are active, closes down bots and other unknown accounts.

If you ever wonder, what industries Instagram works best, here are a few: travel, food, auto, fashion, sports, beauty and music. It all depends on how visually pleasing your Business Instagram page actually is. Your audience is constantly scrolling and looking for beautiful pictures to inspire them. If you can achieve that with your posts, you will get noticed.

Another way to show off your creativity is via aforementioned Stories’ feature. The unprecedented 200 million people are watching Stories daily, most of them on the loop. This means that your brand has a great discoverability factor by simply making sure that you put up a Story at least once day.

If your business is not on Instagram yet, there is a huge chance that your competitors are. According to Instagram data, Nov 2017,two-thirds of profile visits to businesses come from people who aren’t following that business. This is an enormous opportunity, so why loose potential clients?

At Social Gamma we take pride in high quality posts’ creation, because we know that this is what ultimately drives business and RIO.

To illustrate, in their recent social media campaign LG Electronics showcased their G5 using a playful video and have reached a targeted 30 million people audience via their Business Instagram platform. This resulted in 1.7 million engagements.

To learn more about Instagram or creating ads on the platform, start with its native website. There is plenty of information on how to start not only creating posts and upload them, but also how to create an advert.

Social Gamma is a marketing and social agency that provides marketing and content creation services. The team brings together creativity and aesthetic expertise to build beautiful brands. Services include social media management, PPC, content creation, and web/app development. Please check out the website for more information.

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