Scheduling Is Key, And Here is Why…

As a social media agency, even if we are still at the start, we still have quite a few accounts that we handle, so being organised and on top of every account is essential. Keeping the client happy is the key to success, so posting on time and having everything prepared is the road that will get you there.

Facebook, luckily, has a feature that helps you to be on time wth posts, you have the option to schedule the posts weeks in advance which has really changed the social media game.

Here are the steps that we follow when organising posts and scheduling for Facebook:

1. Come up with a concept. If you’re planning your posts for the next month or even next week, make sure you have a concept that follows through all the posts in order to keep consistency. Through this you avoid making it look that your posts are random and it helps a lot for the next steps.

2.    Create the posts. Having a concept in mind benefits the creation of the posts, it makes it easier to come up with ideas for the posts. When creating your posts make sure you keep in mind the design, if you’re using photography make sure its good quality (for design and photography you can check out our previous blogs) and copy.

3.  Send them to the client. After the first two steps are done, send your work to the client to make sure you’re on the same page as him/her. Usually there is feedback from the client and if there are any changes to be made make sure to respect it. After applying the feedback and you have the final approval you are good to go.

4. Scheduling. Now that you have your posts created, visual and content, the clients approval, you can start scheduling posts. You go on the Facebook page and click to create a new post you insert your image and caption, but instead of pressing publish, you have the option to schedule. A window pops up from where you can choose the date and the time you wanted posted. Once you schedule, you can still edit the post and a notification appears when its actually posted.

Overall, scheduling on Facebook has really changed on how social media marketing works because it allows us to think ahead and make sure that everything is posted on time. It assures a better result as well as saving you a lot of time. Another advantage is that you can easily just copy the post from Facebook and use it for over social media channels such as: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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