Instagram’s Launch of Open-Ended Questions – Beneficial?

Instagram has been very busy these past few weeks. First, they launched IGTV which allows consumers to post hour-long video content. They’re attempting to take on fellow competitor YouTube, and now? The launch of “open-ended questions” for Instagram stories. With interactive content on the rise, Instagram are targeting this particular need for their platform. Consumers can now post hour-long content, and gain consumer opinion on their stories with open-ended questions. 

Although recently launched, the popularity of open-ended questions has been picked up very quickly by the public. Here are the top 3 reasons incorporating open-ended questions into your social media use can benefit your company. 

  1. Interactive Content

Need we say more? Not only does Instagram stories offer polls, direct “yes” and “no” questions, but now open-ended questions! Stories are interactive now more than ever, meaning your company can produce consumer-friendly content, allowing your customers to connect with your brand. Also, as a fellow Instagram users, it’s fun to ask/answer questions regarding a brand, or product brought. It’s allowing for consumer opinions to matter, which is beneficial for your brand. 

2. Honest Feedback 

Rather than asking direct questions as a brand, open-ended questions allow consumers to ask questions you may not know exist regarding your company. Whether it be a particular product or event, consumers can now ask questions, and leave specific feedback. All of this is extremely beneficial for your company. Also, the responses themselves will be easy to access, and quick to read. Gaining honest feedback in an engaging way will help improve your company in terms of receiving constructive improvements, or even praise.

3. Caring for Consumers 

Finally, allowing for customers to approach your brand with open-ended questions adds genuine care for your consumers. Not only are you actively approaching your consumers online, it is giving another layer of genuine awareness regarding your consumer’s presence. Your company will be asking direct questions regarding consumer experience, purchasing (if applicable), and so on. Instagram’s open-ended questions will not only help gain consumer feedback, but also improve your company’s reputation regarding consumer care. 

After reading our top three benefits, we hope you will incorporate open-ended questions whilst using Instagram and posting stories. Open-ended questions will help your company create interactive consumer content, receive honest feedback from customers. Finally, the questions benefit your company’s reputation by coming across as a caring brand that appreciates their customers. 

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