Instagram TV – How Your Company Can Benefit

Instagram has recently launched their biggest venture yet – IGTV (Instagram Television). Instagram is a prime example a company taking on their biggest competitor, in this case, YouTube. With 1 billion users on Instagram, the use of IGTV has a vastly growing chance of overtaking YouTube. This platform allows consumers to create hour-long video content, alongside individual posts AND stories.

Despite the venture stating there will not be adverts on IGTV as of yet, there is a high chance of adverts being incorporated in-between content at a later date, similar to Facebook and Outlook’s incorporation of advertisements. This is a highly beneficial platform for companies to get on board with. 

  1. Deeper Consumer to Brand Connection 

If you look at the current videos on IGTV right now, a lot of companies are slowly getting on board with IGTV video content. Most particularly, clothing brands and/or social influencers. Creating videos on IGTV will not only boost your particular company, but will also drive a personal connection between consumers to their brands. Looking at current content, a lot of videos are fun, engaging and informal. These videos allow consumers personal insight into your company, which will boost following and a better reputation for your brand. 

2. Competitor Awareness 

Considering any person can gain access to IGTV, it will also benefit your company by viewing what fellow competitors are posting, alongside individual posts and stories. This completely free access allows you to gain insight into your company’s competitors, meaning you can fashion innovative ways to stand out in comparison to them. This including video content on IGTV. 

3. Low-Key Business Advertisement 

Although Instagram has stated there will not be instagram adverts anytime soon, that doesn’t mean you can use IGTV to promote your company. From Q&A’s to showcasing your latest product with a social influencer, there are benefits to using IGTV to low-key advertise your business. This is also a much more engaging way to do so, it’s not just an advertisement for consumers to see. You will be giving them something to watch and enjoy. 

Instagram TV is such an exciting venture, and we hope after reading our three benefits, you will consider investing time and creating content for your business. After all, this a free venture that’s easy to access, and allows for fun (and potentially informal) content. 

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