Instagram Connectivity – The Merge of Facebook and Instagram Contacts

As previously mentioned, Instagram are not stepping down in regards to their competitors. Every week there seems to be a new launch or release. First, IGTV. Second, open-ended questions on Instagram stories. The latest news? Consumers will now be able to merge their Instagram contacts with their Facebook contacts. 

Although this launch doesn’t seem like much, the merging of contacts will certainly improve consumer usage on both applications, boosting the chances of users making accounts for both applications. Currently, Instagram now has 1 billion monthly active users (Social Media Today). Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion (Social Media Today), meaning the merge of contacts on both platforms would be beneficial to either users. 

Alongside consumer benefits, this could also help with your company. Facebook/Instagram have yet to disclose whether this option is available for business accounts. But, even so, your company could merge contacts across platforms. This will generate ease when contacting clients and consumers across platforms, allowing more direct conversations with consumers across accounts. This merge will certainly benefit your brand if this feature becomes available for businesses. 

Facebook are also testing further cross-posting between Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp statuses. As well as this, the current cross-posts exist between Facebook Stories also appearing in Messenger Day. Also, consumers can already post Instagram Stories which can appear in Facebook stories. Let’s face it – the existent merges across both apps are endless. 

Facebook and Instagram are constantly trying to improve consumer usage by merging these apps in (not so) subtle ways. Saying this, it is certainly a benefit for both consumers and companies. If your company isn’t taking advantage of the brilliance of cross-posting; get on board. It will save your business a lot of time and energy when creating, and posting, content. 

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