Influencers and Marketing. A match made in heaven!

Everybody has heard of influencers in today’s world, we all follow our favourite lifestyle blogger, fashion or even food. There is a blog for everything these days and people love receiving tips and tricks from the bloggers they follow. A big part of the growth of influencers and the importance they have today is due to the social media platforms.

As a digital agency in London, influencer marketing is something we come across everybody and it is even a tool we use when asked by clients. But how did digital marketing and influencers, become to inseparable concepts?

Well, If you think about it influencer marketing has actually existed from the start of print advertising . In the 60’s ad agencies started to use celebrities to promote products such as cigarettes, cars and all sorts of thing. So, third party endorsement has always been a marketing technique. But is different in the digital age? It’s not just celebrities now, it’s normal people that have become influencers and have the power of forming opinions of their followers that range inn the thousands and millions.

Influencer marketing has become a gold mine for both marketers and brands, it has created a new way of promoting products in the medium of social media and has become a phenomena. How it works is that usually brands approach influencers that can range from celebrities to the more modern version, Instagram influencers. They usually  have a high following as well as having the same target audience as the brand, and represent the lifestyle that the brand embodies.

Influencers, can range from make-up to food to travel, as mentioned previously so finding a influencer is just the first step. The second step is how the influencer promotes the products offered by the brand. Its usually done through posts, stories and blogs and the goal is to convince the audience to buy.

You may ask yourself how did influencers become such an important part of modern culture? It’s mainly of the penetration of social media platforms in our lives, and the possibility of using the power of platforms to share skills and stories. Also, people tend to relate more to influencers than celebrities as they feel that, they are more real and more trust-worthy.

Overall, influencer marketing has become a real game changer and has allowed regular people to collaborate with dream brands and as also make money. But how long will this phenomena last in the fast-paced changing industry?

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