Have You Seen My Story?

Stories have become one of the main and adored feature for social platforms today, it allows people to share even more content than before. Stories started from Snapchat and gradually Facebook has incorporated them  in to Instagram and even WhatsApp. The way stories function is that you take a picture, video, boomerang, or even write something and you post it to your profile, one you post people that follow you can see it and it’s up for 24 hours.

So how can something like Instagram stories help grow your brand? This blogpost will present four reasons why Instagram stories can actually help your story.

1. The number of people that use Instagram stories. Currently 200 million people use Instagram stories on a daily basis it has outgrown Snapchat, through the fact that Instagram stories are easier to comprehend and use while many users found Snapchat rather difficult. The fact that there is a massive composition of Instagram stories can really benefit your brand. As it gives you an even greater exposure, and keeps you engaged constantly with your followers as well as having a higher percentage of appearing in peoples searches.

2. They’re interactive. Instagram keeps updating its features including the stories options, and make them interactive, so connecting with your customers and having a more direct relationship is achievable. One example of a feature Instagram has implemented that enables a closer relationship with your followers is the polling feature. You can ask your followers what they think about a certain topic/product and receive feedback as well as engaging with them. This helps you as a brand to have a direct feedback from your customers and they feel more implicated with your brand.

3. Grow traffic. It seems a bit weird that a simple 20 second video can make drive traffic and even sales. Instagram stories offers business profiles that have over 10k followers the option to add your story the link to ypour website. It’s done through a swipe up feature, that once swiped opens up your URL. This has been a big game changer for business on Instagram because the tendency of users is to swipe up thus growing traffic and sales.

4. They are fun. At the end of the day the best thing about Instagram stories as a business is that you can approach and so some many things on stories. You can add stickers, gifs, videos and pictures as a business they really are crucial for engaging with customers and promoting the brands values. But remember they can be really fun and humour is one pf the things that users engage with.

So, if you’re not using Instagram stories by now make sure you get on top of them right away. Remember the benefits can be really good but keep it funny and simple.

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