Generation Z – A Marketing Sensation?

With the existence of Generation X and Y, we now have Z. The latest generation. The latest marketing sensation. But, who are they? According to, generation Z comprises of the population born between 1995-2012, falling after millennials. 

With Millennials (born 1977-1997) current population being 71 million, generation Z still has time to catch up, only representing 23 million. Yet, growing rapidly. Social media and online content was a new concept to millennials, but for those born late generation Z? It is simply a part of life. 

Thus, companies should now undertake newly-discovered traits of this generation and implement it into marketing strategies. After all, they are the current age, and future. 

Here are our top three reasons on why your company should target online content for the younger generation: 

  1. Low Effort, Maximum Impact

According to Huffington Post, Generation Z rely on refined and constantly updated sources. They process information faster, but in shorter doses. So, using apps like Snapchat Instagram to update news forums or latest product information is perfect. Generation Z thrives on information in an easy format, meaning less effort for your company in terms of generating content. Stories and Instagram posts aplenty! 

2.  Huge Online Presence

A recent poll in America identified 92% of Generation Z already has a digital footprint. This statistic is outstanding, meaning targeting this audience will not be difficult at all for your brand. The fact that social media and online presence is globally connected, your company can connect to this generation worldwide (especially America, 92% is shocking), rather than just targeting local consumers.

3. Tech Reliant 

As previously said, this generation was born into the ever developing concept of technology. Technology is a way of life for Generation Z. This generation is more tech reliant than any other generation. You go outside? Teenagers and young adults will be on a smartphone. Even younger children are given an electronic device to stay occupied. The use of technology is normalised in society, meaning your company can target consumers on a larger, and longer, scale. 

After reading our top three reasons on how targeting Generation Z can benefit your company, we hope you will consider altering your marketing strategy. Future generations have adapted to resources we created, and Generation Z is yet another example. We have developed a generation riddled with social media content and obsessed with technology. We’re intrigued to discover what the future will hold for the next generation. 

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