Digital Life in London (Yes, We Love It!)

As you probably know already, we are a digital agency based in Singapore and London, so we have a global outlook. London is such an obvious choice for a digital agency but we’re going to explain why we chose it and why we love it.

1. It’s a major tech hub of the world. Innovation is a word that you hear everywhere in London and it’s because there are so many cool projects going on in the city, you’re always amazed about what new technology somebody is creating. So to be in the centre of it all as a digital agency opens so many doors and you always learn something new.

2. There are a lot of businesses based in London. London is known for the number of start-ups that grows every year more and more. This is really helpful as a starting digital agency because  you can collaborate with other start-ups that need help. You obtain connections but you also learn together with the people your working for. This has really influenced the way people work today in society and has led to a new form of collaboration.

3. It’s an amazing city. Besides being such a tech and business hub it’s an inspiring city which really helps for a Digital agency because there is so much that inspires you. You have such a wide range, from going out to parks to some of the most amazing museums. It’s a greta social hub so going out is great and you get to meet people who you never know might help you somehow.

4. Everybody loves social media. London is known for being a very connected city and its citizens love social media, so you actually get to learn things about digital from people that do not work in social media. It also helps that there are a lot of bloggers in the city, that set the trends so following them or even working with them is great.

5. Competition. This has to be one of the down sides of London but its not so bad. Indeed, digital agencies have started to appear more and more so the competition is quite high. Even though this might be intimidating you have to remember that London is a huge business and there are a lot of businesses. Competition can be good because it motivate digital you to stand out and end what makes you different form the others.

Overall, we love London and we are so grateful that we get to be part of the this city. Everyday we learn something new, which is amazing and you never get bored! There is always something to do. We are happy that we chose to be based in this amazing city and get to work with amazing people.

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