Bitmoji on Tinder – Testing in Mexico and Canada

When Snapchat acquired Bitmoji in 2016, they have made the “personal emoji” more accessible than ever. CNBC announced in 2017, 60% of snapchats sent to recipients were enhanced by Bitmojis, geofilters and lenses. 

Snapchat initially released filters on their app, diversifying personalisation within the app. The release of bitmojis increased this level even more, allowing for users to create their own online character – for free. Consumer usage of Bitmojis are ever increasing, especially with the accessible links the emojis have. Bitmoji can not only be linked to Snapchat, but also iMessage (Apple), Gboard (Android), and Google Chrome desktop. In the past week, Bitmoji is now being tested for consumer use on, of all apps, Tinder. Users in Mexico and Canada are fortunate enough to connect their Bitmoji accounts to Tinder. In one way, this takes flirting to a whole other level. 

If this testing is approved and accessible to consumers worldwide, this would add another feature to Snapchat’s app, Snap Kit. Snap Kit enables consumers to link their Bitmoji with compatible apps, available all in one place. This app is vastly increasing convenient in-app connectivity, and a fun user experience overall. This is certainly deemed as a more creative approach to seeking love on an online platform. It is also important to note that connecting Bitmoji to a Tinder account doesn’t reveal any personal information. Consumer’s Snapchat handles will not be visible to any potential matches online, they can only see your personal emoji. Result. Snapchat’s decision to release Bitmoji on their app in the first place highlights their care for user experience. Snapchat even redesigned an update on their app which was harshly criticised online. They listen to people. They care about their consumers. Who knows what exciting venture they will announce next.

Snapchat’s capability of connecting with various apps is outstanding. Who wouldn’t want to have their own personal emoji to use on every platform imaginable? Even when it comes to finding love. The combination of Bitmoji and Tinder sounds exciting, and also humorous. It will be very exciting to see how testing goes for Tinder, in the hopes it will be released for all consumers. Be prepared for even more embarrassing, and hilarious, Tinder Nightmare posts. 

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