5 Tips to Grow LinkedIn Followers

Brands use a range of different social platforms for promoting their products or for raising brand awareness. These channels are usually chosen depending on the brands target audience, and can have multiple channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and there are more. The main goal when promoting your brand on these channels is to engage with your audience and spread the news to people. There are a a couple of ways to do that and they include, organic growth or paid growth. 

LinkedIn has grown exponentially in the past years and has become a go to platform for brands to promote their business and products. As any other platform LinkedIn works on a follower base when you set-up a company page, so how do you grow your followers without paying? Here are our 10 tips to grow LinkedIn followers. 

1. When you a create a company page for your brand make sure that your employees add this page as their workplace. This engages your employees connections, and thus leading them to your company page

2. Optimise your content to engage with your audience. The most engaging posts according to LinkedIn’s algorithm is “best-of” type posts. Besides this make sure that same as other channels you are consistent with posting and keep updating and sharing content that is of interest to your audience.

3.  Once you set-up your company page make sure that you add the Linkedin plug-in “follow” button. This offers the option for people that see your company page to follow you thus your content will always appear in their newsfeed. They can share your content easier with their connection.

4. Add a LinkedIn share button on your website, so for example if you have a blog section sharing your content directly is easier and also makes it for people reading your blog to share your content. This leads to more coverage on your brand

5. As the majority of platforms LinkedIn users also respond better to video content. So sharing YouTube videos with your audience can raise your followers and also get better feedback and engagement with your established audience. 

Overall, LinkedIn has become an essential platform for promoting your brand and using these 5 tips for growing your LinkedIn followers organically will definitely  put you on the right road. Remember with organic growth on any platform consistency is key. 

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