4 Tips For a Successful Rebranding

As a digital agency in London we often have clients that come to us for a fresh start for the business. We try to offer them the best rebranding and make sure that they are successful. 

If you are reading this blog you are probably thinking of rebranding your business, you might have taken this decision due to factors such as: your sales are not going up, your social engagement is not that high or you simply feel that your brand needs a fresh start. 

These 5 tips for a successful rebranding, take you from the process of planning a rebrand, what to do for a good rebranding and analysing results after the rebrand.

  1. Have a plan

For a successful rebranding it is important that even before you start you have a good a plan that is based on research.

Research why you need to change your brand, what is not working, you can even talk to your customers asking for feedback or create focus groups to get a better grasp of what needs to be changed. 

The next step is to plan what exactly you want changed and how you plan on achieving that. It includes a strategy on how to promote the change both internally to your team as well as externally to your customers and potential customers. 

2.  Differentiate your Brand

Now that you have taken the design to rebrand, make sure you find what makes you different on the market and focus on promoting that  through your rebrand. This way in a competitive market you will be sure to stand out. 

3. Consistent rebranding

For a successful rebranding being consistent on all channels is key. So make sure that you develop brand identity, that contains the brands colours and typeface that has to be reflected through your logo, website and social platforms. Being consistent usually makes your audience feel more comfortable and makes your brand look trust-worthy. 

4. Test 

After the rebranding make sure before even launching, that you test peoples reaction to your new appearance. This can be done by launching it internally to your team and a few customers that can give you the feedback you need. 

Hopefully these four tips on how to rebrand will help your brand when you are struggling to make a decision about rebranding or even if do not know where to start from. Whichever it is remember research and planning are the key for a successful rebranding.

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