360 Vision! Is VR The Future Of Social Media?

London is one of the main tech hubs of the world so keeping up with the newest innovations is a must for a digital agency in London. We are big fans of tech and follow religiously the news about how these technologies can integrate in to our work as a digital agency. Today we are going to explore how virtual reality can change social media or has already had an impact on this industry.

First to understand what we are talking about it is essential to define what VR is and how it became such a big buzz. VR is a essential computer generated content, designed to immerse all your senses in a digitally created image that does not limit itself to one view. VR is usually used via headsets and how it works is you put on the headset and then choose for example a game the game then transports you in to that medium altogether, becoming 3D and you can move around and actions can be made through a set of remotes. Essentially, VR was created for games and games have used it to change the whole gaming experience, but VR did not stop there now it used in photography, travel, transport and commerce.

So how has VR also entered the social media world? Well a couple years ago Facebook implemented the option of the 360 video that was based on VR technique, it revolutionised how technology can change the social media experience. For people in today’s world, visual content is the main attraction and simple photos and videos are sometimes not enough, so the guys at Facebook did a great job to immerse the two fields together.

Another example of a social media platform that used VR is Snapchat. They actually even made their own virtual glasses and use augmented reality, a technology based on VR. Snapchat allows you to change what you see just through your camera, you can see a dancing hotdog or stars and rainbows.

As a London Digital agency, we look in to how VR can help us in the future and we see it as a technology that could potentially help us create content for clients as well as helping us with organising. Imagine scheduling all the posts for social media on the VR, wouldn’t that be super cool?

It is so exciting to keep up with the evolution of VR in social media and how it will drive us to producing content that uses this technology, as well as learning furthermore about it and see how it evolves or even what new technology appears. That’s what is so great about being a digital agency in London your in the middle of the buzz.

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